Lack of stock for Linden Flowers

Lack of stock for Linden Flowers


Linden flower contain the curative plant fiber mucilage, as well as many vitamins and the essential oil farnesol. When ingested as a bot tea, this medley of compounds reduces fevers. The tea is also a good pain reliever-especially for cramps-and it is a highly effective expectorant, which helps to break up mucus buildup and congestion. It is safe to drink a cup or two of the tea every day.

Linden flowers are lacking time!
     Eery year January to June is the time for Linden Flowers' lacking.Now our company's stock is less than 1 ton which treat as sample send to our new customers.So dear if you are interesting for this product welcome to contact with us. And we would like to send free sample to you.
     For the regular customer: now you can book in advance and we will reserve for you!Since July the linden flowers will be harvest.We will ship according to the booking order!

     Booking information:
     1.What's your quantity?
     2.Big leaves or small leaves do you prefer to?
     3.When will you need?

    Thank you for your understanding!