Raw Herbs hong hua Safflower Carthamus wild tea bag product
Raw Herbs hong hua Safflower Carthamus wild tea bag product
Raw Herbs hong hua Safflower Carthamus wild tea bag product
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What is the Function of Safflower Carthamus ? 

1. Chinese herbal medicine practitioners recommend the Safflower Carthamus encourage menstruation and also treat abdominal pains.

2.The safflower flowers are also said to be effective in cleaning and healing open wounds and bruises.

3.On the other hand, Anglo-American herbalists use the flowers to treat fevers and different types of skin disorders, including rashes.

4.At the same time, the raw oil extracted from the safflower seeds is said to function as an excellent purgative.

More Research of of Safflower Carthamus ?

Several studies conducted by the Chinese researchers have shown that the safflower flowers possess the capability to lessen the possibilities of the coronary artery diseases as well as diminish the cholesterol levels in the system. The chemical analysis of the safflower has show that it encloses polysaccharide or complex carbohydrates which has the potential to invigorate the immune system in mice. In addition, the oil extracted from safflower is also beneficial in lowering the intensity of cholesterol in the system.

Please Attention of Taboo crowd

Pregnant woman/Menstrual period women

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