Organic Dandelion Root Tea

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Product  Description
The Dandelion Root is rich in vitamins and minerals, has the role of strengthening the liver, can lower cholesterol. In Europe, dandelion has "bed rest", said its diuretic effect is strong, suitable for people with edema problems drink. In addition, it can relieve indigestion and constipation, clean the blood, promote the secretion of breast milk.

All dandelion roots are completely excavated by our workers. In order to protect the integrity of the dandelion root.
And the dandelion roots will naturally dry in the open air environment without adding any chemical elements .

Chinese Name

 Pu gong ying gen

English Name

 dandelion root

Botanical Name

 radix taraxaci;Taraxacum root


 whole root,cut


 Medicines;Healthcare products

 Pharmaceutical raw material


 In a clean,cool,dry area;

 Keep away from strong,direct light.

Main Origin

Chengde mountainous area

Traditionally, dandelion is also used to improve appetite, digestion and liver/kidney function. It also has mild laxative effects.

In-vitro and animal studies have revealed potential therapeutic uses for dandelion. For example, some evidence suggests dandelion may have anti-diabetic activity due to the ability of extracts to inhibit alpha-glucosidase activity (similar to certain anti-diabetic drugs).

Likewise, altered liver antioxidant activities, reduced blood glucose levels and improved lipid profiles in diabetic rats. Dandelion may also increase the flow of bile.

In addition, extracts have potential anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and immune-enhancing effects. These are very preliminary results, however: much more work needs to be done before dandelion can be recommended as a treatment for human diseases.
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