Traditional Medicinals Organic Linden Flower tea
Traditional Medicinals Organic Linden Flower tea
Traditional Medicinals Organic Linden Flower tea
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Product  Description
Product Name
Bodhi Flower /Linden flower / Tilia flower
Brown yellow
Plant Property
belong to Plantae-Malvales
Part used
Chemical Ingredients
Inflorescence containing large amounts of mucus and volatile oil, main components called farnesol and a glucoside of promoting sudation.
Main Types of Linden Flower
Tilia amurensis and leaflet linden.
Dry Quality
Impurities not more than 3 ‰, the moisture is less than 15 %.
Plucking Time
about June 15th -July 30th .
Distribution region
Distributed in Shandong, Jiangsu, Anhui, Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Guangdong and other places.

Usage of Dried Linden Flower
[Taste] Essien; tepid;
[Action] diaphoresis; analgesic antispasmodic. The main body of cold head pain; epilepsy;.
[Usage] oral administration: decoction, 15-20g, or the end of the study, or warm water immersion, 1.5-3g;

Application of Linden Flower
1. Applied in the Tea field, it has become a popular habit in most of the families ;
2. Essential oils made from Linden Flower as a kind of cosmetics for skin and body care;
3. Linden flower Extract is Applied in Pharmaceutical and Food area;

1. Linden Flower tea as a kind of popular relaxation drink in a lot of countries, it is good for you to sleep.

2.Dried Linden Flower has been used historically in many folk medicine treatments, it is often used for colds, cough, fever,infections, inflammation,headache(particularly migraine) and high blood pressure.

3. Tilia Flower (Linden flower)can also be used to cosmetic efficacy: the mask is suitable for dry skin ,make the skin more tender and elasticity.
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