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Update Time 2018-05-09
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Variety:Natural Tea
Value:High Nutritional value
Grade:100% Nature
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Product Description

Mulberry leaves, (Mulberry Leaf). Chinese medicine name, it belongs to Sangke mulberry dry leaves, is the silkworm of daily food. It was widely cultivated mulberry trees around the north and south in China, mulberry leaves are rich in production. It is the main food of silkworm.

The leaves of Medicinal application general are best picked after frost. Mulberry leaves have the function on scattered wind-heat, clear away the lung-heat and moistening dryness, Liver eyesight effect. Mulberry leaves are dried leaves of sage plants. After the first frost harvest, remove impurities, dried and derived, is a divergent wind-heat medicine, can be oral, but also topical. Modern, Western medicine to mulberry leaves and mulberry leaf biological agents as a drug to improve diabetes and other incurable diseases and use, that its efficacy is extremely extensive.

Specification  of  Product  Information

Brand Name

Chengde Shenzhou Chinese Medicine Business Development Co., Ltd.

Product Name

White Mulberry leaf

Medicine Name

Folium Mori




1. Evacuated wind-heat

2. Clearing away the lung-heat and moistening dryness

3. Drugs for calming liver and improving eyesight

4. It is helpful to treatment of wind-heat type common cold, lung heat dry cough, dizziness, headache and hot eyes


Picking Time

Flowering (April-May)

Fruit period (June-July)

Part of Plant Used



Stored in a cool and dry Places, keep away from strong light and heat

Shelf life

2 years when properly stored

A. Has the effect on beauty
Mulberry leaves has good effect on skin beauty, especially has better effect on acne and brown spot.

B. Effect on clear away the lung-heat and moistening dryness
 Mulberry leaf taste bitter cold and clear the lung heat, cold run dry lungs

C. Has effect on antineoplastic
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